Tamir Kreisman

Tamir was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in a modern orthodox Jewish home. At a young age, his family made Aliya, as his Israeli father strongly believes that after two thousand years in exile, every Jew should come home to the Promised Land. Tamir grew up with strong Jewish traditions and values, in a home heavily influenced by “Torah & Avoda”. Like his father before him, Tamir proudly served in the Israeli Defense Forces “Tsahal” in the armored corps along the Israel-Syria border. Once he concluded his service, he ventured back to New York for almost a decade, returning to Israel, only to shortly thereafter establish a private Jets company in Las Vegas. In September 2015, while he was visiting his family in Israel for the high holidays, three days before his departure, Tamir received a life changing revelation, leading him to know the Messiah. Since that time he hasn’t left Israel and he has been learning and re-learning everything only to see clearly, for the first time, that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah of Israel. Tamir is a student at Yeshivat Shuvu and teachers the weekly “Pearls of the Torah”